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Definitions of Technology Types

Conversational User Interfaces Icon

Conversational User Interfaces

General AI agents

Mimic human conversation with the purpose of resolving a broad range of informational requests. These agents are can act as an interface for Enterprise Virtual Assistants

Guided conversations

Appearance of Artificial Intelligence through a decision tree logic driven conversation


Mimic human conversation with the purpose of resolving basic user informational requests

Enterprise Virtual Assistants

Mimic human conversation in order to resolve informational and transactional requests via integration with back-end systems
Machine Learning Icon

Machine Learning

General Machine Learning

Use of a combination of machine learning techniques to process structured and unstructured data

Supervised learning

Use of regression and linear algorithms to optimise business processes by structuring unstructured data

Unsupervised learning

Use of clustering algorithms to provide insights and uncover previously hidden information
Pattern Recognition Icon

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition looks to make sense of our world, digitising unstructured data to aid business processing and decision making

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