Sectors / Insurance


Effective needs analysis and industry benchmarking. Clear 36-month road map for effective Digital integration fully calibrated to existing capabilities and challenges.


This composite multinational Insurer asked us to review digital requirements and strategy across their three business areas, Investment, Insurance and Retirement to arrive at a unified strategy and roadmap for the years to 2020.
We interviewed senior managers and specialists from the business areas and evaluated the role of digital and prioritisation of different aspects of digital for each. Our digital maturity model enabled us to benchmark this client against its competitors and to illustrate concretely the opportunities for customer engagement through a typical life journey. We also looked at the internal constraints and challenges around digital for this company, taking these into account in the roadmap we proposed. This enabled the team to galvanise executive level support and funding to support key elements of the strategy and was also helpful in articulating the strategy to investors.


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