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Full, focused audit of overall digital presence, highlighting areas for improvement and gaps. Targeted testing to demonstrate potential ROI. Recommendations to optimise online sales.


This client wanted a general performance overhaul of their online presence with three key areas of focus: SEO, UX and customer conversion.
We audited the UX and interaction design of the quote and buy journey, and were able to highlight several ways to streamline this. We also researched their user base and developed typical user personas which enabled us to specify interface improvements for their quote delivery application.
On SEO we identified areas to optimise, such as keyword density, metadata, back-links and information architecture. We then devised and implemented a tactical SEO strategy targeting specific sections of the website so that we could test our hypothesis and provide data-driven proof of ROI within a tight time frame.
Our design review highlighted the limitations of the existing system as well as the value of good user experience. This helped the digital team make the case for longer-term investment in these areas.
Likewise, our SEO work highlighted content, capability and strategy gaps, that with the data-driven results, helped identify ways in which the overall sales funnel could be optimised.


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