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Full Performance Management framework. Implementation playbook. SWAT team to drive rapid adoption. C-level reporting dashboard. Effective investment strategy.


Mobile apps can impact customer engagement: poor performance leads to low NPS scores and this correlates with impaired conversion rates and revenue growth. For this global operator we were tasked with rolling out a performance management framework to correct this issue across 21 markets.
A number of best-in-class performance management tools are available. We evaluated and analysed their capabilities, mapping these against our client’s specific needs. Having settled on the solution we then developed a comprehensive implementation playbook which was distributed to the designated markets.
To assist and accelerate deployment we put together a SWAT team that ‘parachuted’ into the markets and worked alongside local development resources. With this approach we had full deployment in 18 markets after just 6 months.
We developed a C-level reporting dashboard to easily identify and highlight actionable insight, ensuring the usability and reporting effectiveness of the solution.
The immediate impact was the provision of unified and comparable app performance data across markets, which varied considerably. In markets where app performance was poor the country CIOs were able to allocate immediate CAPEX investment to address the causes.


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